Mines Nancy - Academic year 2016-2017

Syllabus of the Department Energy & Fluid Mechanics


    This Syllabus is under work. For an up to date description, please refer to the french version of the Syllabus.
Hereafter M1 = Master 1, M2 = Master 2, S7 = Semester 7, S8 = Semester 8, S9 = Semester 9.

General presentation of the Department

    We propose a scientific training which targets the domain of Energy and Fluids for Energy in general. During the first year M1 in the Department (second year in school), the students gain fundamental competences in Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfers, Computational Methods and Electrical Engineering. One module then presents Turbomachines, with applications to Water and Wind Power, another module presents Energy Systems (combustion, gas turbines, steam turbines, internal combustion engines, cooling systems, heat pumps...). During the second year M2 in the Department (third year in school), we propose advanced modules, on Computational Methods, with industry-oriented software for numerical simulations, on Combustion in the context of Turbojets and Aeronautics, on Advanced Fluid Mechanics, on Nuclear Energy Engineering (Fluid Systems for PWR), and on the environmental analysis and optimization of Energy Industry.

Below, we only list the modules of the Department; the complete Syllabus of Mines Nancy can be found here.

Prerequisites for foreign students wishing to follow our M1 year

    Besides a solid background in Math and Physics, it is preferable for students to have followed lectures in Continuum Mechanics and to have basic knowledge in Tensorial Calculus.

Modules of the 2d year = 1st year in the Department, M1 level

Web site of the 2d year `2A'

1st semester S7

september 2016 - january 2017

Module ECTS Title & link to the description file Person(s) in charge Doc. - Web
TC30 1 Practice of Mathematica Jenny & Schick Document - Web page Mathematica of T. Verdel
EFS7AB 4 Fluid Mechanics Plaut Web page
EFS7AC 4 Heat Transfer Jannot Web page
EFS7AD 2 Numerical Methods for Mechanics & Energetics Jenny Document

2d semester S8

february 2017 - june 2017

Module ECTS Title & link to the description file Person(s) in charge Doc. - Web
EFS8AD 4 Scientific project Plaut Projects 2015-16 Research Track - Artem Track
EFS8AA 2 Introduction into Electrical Engineering Vinsard & Dufour Document - Public ARCHE page
EFS8AB 2 Turbomachinery - Applications to Water and Wind Power Jenny Document
EFS8AC 2 Energy Systems Schick

Modules of the 3d year = 2d year in the Department, M2 level

Web site of the 3d year `3A'

Semester S9

september 2016 - february 2017

Module ECTS Title & link to the description file Person(s) in charge Doc. - Web
EFS9AF 4 Scientific project Plaut Projects of the year 2015-16
EFS9AA 2 Numerical codes for engineering problems Jenny & Rémy
EFS9AB 4 Combustion applied to turbojet engines Castanet & Bouheraoua
! partly in english !
Presentation of Bouheraoua
for session #8
EFS9AC 2 Advanced Fluid Mechanics: Transition to Turbulence & Turbulence
Applications to Transfers, Aerodynamics & Wind Energy
Plaut & Peinke
! in english !
Web page of the module
Web page of the concluding conference
EFS9AD 2 Nuclear Energy Engineering: Fluid Systems Gascoin
EFS9AE 2 Environmental Analysis of Energy Industries and Energy Strategies Sessiecq

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